Available packages

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Hourly Rate


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Package 1: Virus check and clean-up


  • Spyware, anti-virus check and clean-up

  • Uninstall expired anti-virus software; install anti-spyware, anti-virus and Firewall

  • Simple Windows tune-up

  • Advice on inexpensive solutions to upgrade current computer   

  • Registry repair'

Package 2: Cloud storage


  • Set-up a cloud base' storage to protect important photos/videos/music/Documents                                                              

*Requires subscription with cloud storage company

Package 3: Clean up and childproof


  • All services included in package 1 and 2

  • Disc clean-up' and de fragmentation'

  • Plus: installation and set-up of parental controls and protection   

Package 4: Set me up


  • Set-up of a new computer (desktop / laptop)

  • Set-up of new email account

  • Internet and computer beginners / improver's lesson

  • Check system for anti-virus software, anti-spyware and Firewall protection

Package 5: Get it back / Rescue me


  • Data recovery and back-up

  • Recovery of temporary (unsaved) documents, where possible

  • Advice on setting up an efficient back-up system for future files including cloud based storage

  • Fee only payable if data recovered   

Package 6: Making connections

from £145  

  • Set-up home / Small office network
  • Diagnose and fix Windows faults or misconfiguration's  
  • Complete a PC and Internet health check on each machine in the network
  • Check and advise on internet connectivity
  • Advice on inexpensive solutions to upgrade current equipment

Upgrade to include anti-virus and firewall updates from £145 per network

Upgrade to include web filters to control internet access from £145 per network